Apple and peanut butter bites

SNACKS: Peanut butter on apple

Hopefully by now you realise that I’m into no fuss food, there’s nothing more off putting than healthy, wheat free recipes that have a list of ingredients longer than your arm and take two hours to prepare. There’s just no need for it.

Now, I fully admit that this is not a recipe, it is an apple and peanut butter but it has changed my snacking behaviour so I couldn’t not share it with you all. Everyone in my office is doing it… Grab an apple, cut it into wedges or slices and spread peanut butter (smooth for me) on each slice and bingo! Perfect, guilt free snack.

Apple and peanut butter bites

You can also use any type of apple and any sort of nut butter for this, the opportunities are endless! If you don’t fancy this snack but you have a craving for peanut butter, try my peanut butter cookies or the apple and peanut butter smoothie.

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