SNACKS: Quick and easy food

Sometimes it’s hard to keep thinking of new things to eat, everything gets into a routine and you start eating the same things over and over, sound familiar to anyone? That is me all over! Currently I’m eating hot sauce and avocado on rice cakes or toast most week days, now I love it but come on Amy, get a grip! So whilst I’ve not been trying new recipes, I have been grabbing random pieces of food and smashing them together into quick snacks, here’s a list of my favourite snacks that simply don’t need a recipe.

Peanut butter and strawberries on rice cakes

Now, I know this sounds weird and any of you that know me in real life or just on Instagram, you’ll probably know that I would put peanut butter on anything, seriously, toast, apple, spoons, straight into my mouth… but this is an odd one I’ll admit. I was sat at my desk staring at my jar of peanut butter, punnet of strawberries and rice crackers and thought “what if I put all of these together? No one is here, I am doing it!!”. Needless to say as soon as I’d made one my manager came back, sat down but gave me a nod of approval.


Humous salad

This is now my go to salad for work, it’s easy to prep the night before, it’s not a soggy, sad salad, it’s colourful and it’s filling. Here I just grab olives, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, beetroot, any nuts that I have loafing around in a cupboard and some humous, voila! An easy lunchbox salad for work.


Peanut butter and banana on toast

What do I eat for breakfast when I’m stressed, tired and unable to think? PB and banana on toast. It’s easy, flavoursome and reminds me of being young. No more explanation needed.


Dark chocolate and fruit bowl

I had this bowl of goodness the other night after my tea because I was still a but peckish. So I piled some Alpro yoghurt into a bowl, topped with grapes and strawberries, then chopped up some dark, vegan chocolate and sprinkled it on the top. This felt like it was probably really naughty but in actual fact it’s just fruit, yoghurt and dark chocolate and there’s nothing bad in there!


So that’s a speedy round up of what I’ve been eating recently. I’ll be back on the full recipes really soon, I’ve got some good ones in my little book just waiting to get written up.

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