THE VEGAN DIARIES: Beautiful vegan footwear

Who can really believe that it’s November already? I certainly can’t believe that it’s 11 months since I turned vegan and 11 months since I bought a pair of shoes. ELEVEN MONTHS. I made the decision at the start of the year as well as moving to a plant based diet that I would try to cut down on the unnecessary purchases and especially to not buy leather or suede footwear. This is hard, I see new shoes every single day of the week and I love them but I’m pretty proud that I’ve stuck to it for so long.

Not buying shoes and simply wearing the few (read: lots of) pairs that I have is one thing but where am I supposed to buy vegan shoes? Who knows if non-leather shoes are made with vegan glue? Is it ok for vegans to buy Primark shoes? Why do vegan shoes look like hiking boots gone wrong? Where are the normal looks vegan shoes? So many questions, so little time.


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But fear not! After months and months of pestering the QC department at work, there’s finally some shoes that are vegan AND cute. There is light at the end of the tunnel, Coconuts by Matisse use vegan friendly glue in their synthetic shoes, what does that mean? That means these utterly beautiful cowboy boots are VEGAN (yes the caps lock is necessary, it is exciting).


Look how pretty they are! I already love everything country (hello Kacey Musgraves) so these boots with their vegan credentials became irresistible, I mean look at all of that beautiful stitching.


Right, now for the nitty gritty – the questions that I asked myself while I tried to figure out whether I should buy them or not. Here goes:

Sure they’re pretty but are they a weird fit and a nightmare to wear?

NOPE. I’m 5’10, so naturally I have big feet, I’m a UK 7.5, that’s right, a god damn half size, this means I spend a lot of my time attempting to stretch a size 7 or praying to the gods of avocado that my new size 8s DON’T stretch! However, these are slightly larger than average, meaning when I put on a size 7, it fitted perfectly. They are also comfortable from the word go, no need to bandage your feet up for fear of blisters.

I bet they don’t look as good in real life

Absolutely not. These boots are just as pretty in the flesh as they look in photographs. The upper is a lovely soft material and the stitching is flawless. They are also the perfect calf width for all of us who struggle with boots – music to my ears.

They’re pretty but I couldn’t wear them often

Oh hell no. These boots are 100% more wearable than I first thought, to start with I thought it was going to be impossible to wear them because they had so many colours stitched in until I realised, they actually go with everything. I am trying to find an excuse to wear my red tutu skirt with them soon.


Looking moody pre-7am

Are any of you investing in vegan footwear? Do you have any tips on where to find a pretty shoe for a bargain price? Let me know!

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