If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that last year I turned up life upside down, I went vegan and I’ve been on a mission to lose weight, be healthy and happy. This hasn’t been easy but it has gotten a little addictive, I’m starting this new feature so that people can see that the small changes make all difference if they’re consistent and to pull myself out of my weight loss plateau. So what did I do last year?


This was back in August, stupidly I agreed to sign up to OUTrun which is a 5 mile run in the west end of Glasgow. I hate running, I hate it so much. I used to run before I joined the gym and although I enjoyed it then, I never got past 5k and soon as the temperature dropped, my asthma would start to play up and I would quit because I thought it was too hard to keep it up. So, I decided to try to prove myself wrong and run 5 miles. FIVE MILES. What a bloody mistake, I was blinded by the prospect of free rainbow laces and signed up anyway. Whilst I adore gymming, I do not enjoy running whatsoever and this run made me realise, that’s ok not to like it and that if I’m going to pick up a new activity I should start small. I am really glad that I did it, the atmosphere was phenomenal, especially for us slow pokes at the back (I nearly cried every time one of the first group, who ran back the route that I was still on, shouted some words of encouragement). I would recommend something like this to EVERYONE. But maybe start with a 5K.


FYI these leggings are now too big – woo!

Making new habits

After my 30th birthday I really tried to up my game with working out, it’s all been down to creating new habits. These new habits include mostly following my morning routine and being that irritating person who lays out my gym clothes in the morning and booking classes to go to. I book all of my gym classes in advance, Glasgow Club have an app that allows you to book classes 7 days in advance so I book my next class as soon as I’ve finished a class. This self imposed guilt trip helps me no end.


I promise that it’s not always this neat and tidy

Measuring my progress

I 100% don’t think that weight defines a person but it is a really good way to measure that your body is changing. I have no goal weight, I’m aiming to keep changing my body until I’m fit and happy with the changes that I’ve made – that doesn’t have a weight attached to it so it’s tough to articulate that as a proper goal. However, if you’re aim is to reduce how big you are then weighing yourself is a great way to get you on track. Do not let that number define you!! Especially when you look at these images, when I add a weight into MyFitnessPal I take a photo of my torso and here I am the same weight but there is a clear difference at my waist.


Proof that the scales aren’t the be all and end all. Same weight in these two images.

Images are so important! It’s not about getting people to comment on how well I’ve done (that is a nice bonus though), it is all about tracking my own progress because it is hard to see the small differences on a weekly basis, but looking at images that are a few years apart always reminds me how far I’ve come and that I want to continue.


Now I’m not sure where I’m going in this journey or where this blog feature will take me but I’d love to hear about your relationship with fitness, do you have any tricks to keep yourself going?


6 thoughts on “THE FITNESS DIARIES: The beginning

  1. Chesney, Claire CWR says:

    Amy this made me emotional??? Getting all teary at my desk. I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come. You’re a total inspiration and I’m so proud of you.

    Love you.

    Claire Chesney Strategic Marketing & Communications Phone 212 325 1145 (*105 1145)

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