LIFESTYLE: Love yourself

Do you love yourself?

Self care is different for everyone. As I’ve gotten older my self care has changed, it used to be to surround myself with people and stuff.  Ok I still love people and stuff but the stuff is much less important and the people need to be a good quality of people.

Say no

I’ve never had any issue with this (I can hear my friends laughing as I write this) but saying no to plans you don’t want to do is perfectly acceptable. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you do things you need to but don’t fancy doing that the time, however if you truly don’t want to do something, say no. You don’t need an excuse, you don’t need to apologise, you just say no thanks. Having a “you day” to sleep, go for a walk, go to the gym, whatever it is you want to do is liberating. Do it. Just don’t be an asshole about it.

Take a bath or a long shower

Sounds stupid but cutting yourself off from the world with a bath bomb or some Epsom salts (my fave) and essential oils, a face mask and a deliciously smelling soap are ideal ways to sit with your thoughts. This quietness is something that personally I crave. I’m an only child, I live alone (well, I have a cat and plants) and I honestly think that the quietness that brings keeps me sane. Life is busy, phones are buzzing constantly, we’re never alone. Put your phone in your living room (or on airplane mode if you’re listening to music) and enjoy the quietness.

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Please cure me.

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Go to the gym

Stupid right? No. Going to a gym class or two is top of my list for self care. It’s good to mind, body and soul. You don’t need to be ripped (have you seen my stomach? Not an ab in sight), you don’t need to be there all of the time, hell, you don’t even need to be good at it but getting my ass to the gym a few times a week melts my anxiety and reminds that I don’t need to believe the whispers of imposter syndrome. For me, there’s an inner peace that comes with pushing my body to that point where I think I can’t keep going, one instructor regularly says to my body pump class “your mind will give up before your body. KEEP GOING” once I realised that he was right and every single time I keep going I remember that you know what, I’m ok really, my body has got this.

While we’re here, my local gym has been proposed as a gym to close to save money within budget cuts… If you also use exercise as a way to balance your head and body back out please consider signing the petition to prove how needed it is.

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Real talk. If you live in Glasgow, you might have heard that Whitehill Pool has been suggested as a place to close in order to meet budget cuts. If you hadn’t heard this, well now you know. I personally am devastated that closing my local gym is being considered as option to save some cash. This pool and gym is a community of people who are welcoming and friendly, it’s helped me do the @great_swim, it’s given me somewhere to let off steam, somewhere to meet new people, a place to set goals and work towards them, but more importantly it’s given me a safe place to improve my mental health. The link between exercise and mental health is unbelievably under used, if this gym is closed the community is losing a huge part of it, it sounds dramatic but it is! If Whitehill closes, our closes gym is the Emirates Arena, which is a lovely gym but it’s not that close and for those of us without cars, much harder to get to. Please go and sign the petition (link in bio), please talk to you MSP, please consider sharing your #sweatyselfie like @captain_kim024 and please tell everyone why Whitehill is important to you #savewhitehillpool follow @savewhitehill for more information 💖

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Celebrate the small stuff

I’ve been vegan for 3 years, but I’m turning 33 in March, 3 years is a tiny amount of my life but the small changes and wins are the things that mount up into real change. Take a moment to stop and think about the mini victories you’ve achieved, give yourself a little clap for it. You deserve it.

What do you do for some self care? Have you got a little routine to remind yourself that you’re fucking amazing and you deserve a ton of love?


2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE: Love yourself

  1. ethicalveganlife says:

    I’m all about the self care! Like you I am THE BEST at saying n to stuff I don’t want to do or things that I know all just make my week too busy / stressful. It’s so important to know how far you can stretch yourself! I sadly can’t go to the gym any more as there isn’t one anywhere near me but I’ve replaced it with walks in the countryside and daily yoga – even if I can only squeeze in a 10 minute pre-bed routine that’s still enough to keep me (relatively) sane.

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