REVIEW: Zizzi goes vegan

I’m sure all of you vegans out there have heard the rumours that Zizzi have started serving vegan food, I was totally skeptical when I read this, after all salad is usually vegan… But I thought it would be worth a try and boy was I right!

First things first, ask for the allergen menu. This is an absolute delight! I’m a total geek for well labelled food, I love to know EXACTLY what I’m eating. So, on the allergen menu you have a dairy free menu, a gluten free menu and a vegan menu. Now, where do I look? I need a dinner that is both gluten free and vegan (this usually leaves me with chips and a mixed salad – no joke). THERE IS SO MUCH INFORMATION ON THESE MENUS! If you look at the gluten free menu, all of the vegan options are clearly labelled so it is incredibly easy to find that sweet spot of gluten free and vegan options.

Main – Gluten free/vegan margarita (with added olives and green chillies)


This is exactly what I needed to curb my pizza cravings. The base is thin and crispy unlike the Pizza Hut one that is almost caky. Now the important question – how is the cheese though? The cheese is better than I expected, it’s creamy and doesn’t have that weird plastic texture that a lot of vegan cheeses have and it is lacking that odd after taste that we don’t ever really talk about. On the flip side, it doesn’t really taste of much so I’m very glad that I had some olives and chillies put on. All in all, it was a very good pizza!

Pudding – Vegan nectarini


THIS IS AMAZING! I can’t quite put into words how much I enjoyed this. It’s a nectarine, halved with coconut and mango gelato. It is delightful, it’s everything that you want from a pudding, it’s tasty, sweet and perfect for finishing off dinner.

I would highly recommend Zizzi not only for people following a vegan life style but also for those with an intolerance to gluten, wheat or dairy. I think the new Zizzi allergen menus are something that all restaurants should be doing, it makes eating out much easier when you need to watch exactly what’s in the food you’re eating.

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