SMOOTHIE: Vitamin boost, green smoothie

I love smoothies. Have you noticed? I barely mention it right? What about green smoothies? Yeh I ADORE them too. Smoothies are just so handy, I make one when I need a snack or just before I go to bed so that I can stick it in the fridge and grab it first this for breakfast. My … Continue reading SMOOTHIE: Vitamin boost, green smoothie

LISTS: 10 reasons to watch What the Health

I love a documentary, generally I'm pretty nosey so anything from men living in the desert, marrying lots of women, having a ton of children to get closer to god (seriously Channel 4 where do you find these people) to food documentaries, and everything between. This morning I finally got round to watching What the Health, … Continue reading LISTS: 10 reasons to watch What the Health

MEAL: Pumpkin soup

Like I said in my cinnamon milk post I never look forward to summer turning into autumn because it means we need to say goodbye to bare legs, strawberries and golden skin! But October does mean two things Halloween and pumpkins! I bloody love pumpkins, I love to cook and bake with pumpkin throughout October, it's such a … Continue reading MEAL: Pumpkin soup