REVIEW: Amsterdam food

Did you read my post about drinks in Amsterdam yet? Yes, yes I’m still talking about Amsterdam. DON’T JUDGE ME! Why has no one taken me back yet? Right, rant over, I’m ok, I’m not going back YET. In the last post I told you all  about the drinks I loved in the Dam, everything from fresh mint tea right the way through to cocktails. But what about the food I hear you cry, fear not my lambs I have it all here for you.

Eating in Amsterdam was not as easy as I hoped, the longer I was there, the easier it was getting (that means I should have stayed right?). Unfortunately there were two meals where my only options were omelettes and it did not feel good but when you’re away with 8 people who don’t completely get the vegan thing, it is tough.

Gluten free bread

The Mövenpick was great, good rooms, super cocktails and GLUTEN FREE BREAD! All I had to do was enquire one morning and boom one plate of gluten free bread. Full disclosure, I couldn’t find out if these were also vegan but from my experience here gluten free breads often have egg white in them.


We only had breakfast in the hotel twice and the second time I was spotted as the gluten free friend and the plate of gluten free fun arrived at my table within minutes. What treatment.

Roast pepper and tomato soup

We all know that I love simple food, simple, tasty food is the way to my heart for sure. I mentioned last time that I was drinking mint tea before exploring the Dutch Resistance Museum, what I didn’t tell you is that we went straight back into the cafe next door for some food. This soup was utterly wonderful, it was clearly so fresh and tasty. Note to self, replicate this as soon as possible.


Candy Freaks AKA my spiritual home

It’s official, I found the place I belong. You know when you’re naturally drawn to something? Well that is what happened to me, we landed, made our way to our hotel, dropped the bags off along with the tired family members and a few of us ran off into the evening to explore. While meandering cluelessly around the streets this window caught my eye.


“Mum!!! Does that really say vegan and gluten free on that window? I’m going in”

It’s like the shop was calling me in. So I dragged the family in and the shop was everything I ever dreamed of and more. I walked in and saw label after label of vegan and gluten free sweets and the best bit? The labels where beyond easy to understand, no list of ingredients in sight. I WAS IN LOVE.


If all of this wasn’t enough, the guys that work in Candy Freaks are some of the loveliest people I have ever met in my life. Neither of them were giving us the hard sell but instead sussed us out and got us to try everything we could. Seriously, my heart can’t take much more, lovely staff, vegan sweets, heavenly. Then I looked up…


I’m sorry, is that a bunch of surreal, manikin heads decorated with sweets? Yes, yes it is. By now I was really struggling, stay cool, breathe deeply, don’t squeal, do NOT tell the lovely Dutch men that you love them and their shop… you got this.

This was the beginning of a holiday romance for my whole family! Someone went every single day, if it wasn’t me stocking up on vegan marshmallows, someone was in buying sugar free sweets for my grandad or my uncle after some jelly beans.


When we were about to leave on one of our many visits one of the guys said “Vegan! Take a card, we deliver to the UK”

Ok, love you.

Avocado salad

AVOCADO! If I’m not eating it a few times a week, I really miss it. As soon as I spotted it on the menu in the hotel I was so in. This was as good as it looks, lettuce, onion, tomatoes and avocado, easy, tasty food.


Vegetarian salad

On our last morning (sob) a few of us went back to B&B Lunchrooms for breakfast. The first time we went I had the omelette which was tasty but gave me the guilt, big time. I’m sorry little eggs! So when we returned, not only did I try the orange and kiwi juice but I thought sod it, I’m having a salad for breakfast and I don’t care what y’all think. Turned out no one gave a hoot. So I opted for what they called a vegetarian salad but it was vegan friendly too, it was exactly what I needed after four full days of eating a drinking. Colourful plate right here, greens, tomatoes (extra tomatoes stolen from my cousin’s plate), pine nuts, cucumber and avocado – yum, yum, yum.


And that is the best of my holiday food. Next time I head over to Amsterdam (because I’m going back for sure) I feel sure that I can plan my trip around vegan food and the stress of eating out will be completely lifted. I’ll also be trying to find this shop again and hoping it’s open!


If you only take one thing from this post please let it be this: go to Amsterdam and get to Candy Freaks ASAP.


5 thoughts on “REVIEW: Amsterdam food

  1. vegan angle says:

    If you visit the Old South area of the city, you should be able to find De Waaghals vegetarian restaurant, next door to which there is (or used to be) a wholefood shop called De Aanzet.

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