DRINKS: Amsterdam drinks

Do you follow me on instagram or twitter? If you do then you’re probably fed up of me talking about Amsterdam but I WAS IN AMSTERDAM AND I LOVED IT. Naturally I was really nervous about going abroad, mostly because I didn’t know where I was going (it was all a huge surprise by my sneak mother) and I didn’t know what I would be able to eat and drink. It was however easier than I thought on the drinks front!

Mint tea

I love tea, so much and I live for mint tea. Peppermint is the key to me feeling well, it stops the bloat, calms my stomach and above all tastes really good. So we had a little pitstop before visiting the Dutch Resistance Museum, the cafe next door was beyond adorable! I ordered a mint tea and this is what I got!


Fresh peppermint tea

How god damn pretty is that? It came with sugar and honey but it needed neither of these, it was so fresh and tasty that it was perfect as it was. I can’t wait to try this now that I’m home, I think I’ll need to start growing mint!

Orange and kiwi juice

On a couple of mornings we decided to head out for brunch, so off we popped to B&B Lunchrooms. They do the best fresh juice that I have ever tasted. FACT. The first time we went I just stole a sip of my aunts orange juice but on our second visit I had to try the orange and kiwi juice. It was so delightfully tropical, if anyone has any juicer recommendations please send them my way so I can make this at home.


Freshly squeezed orange and kiwi juice

Now on to the hard stuff, booze time!

Vanilla vodka

We had an afternoon out at the Ice Bar and as you’d expect it was pretty booze heavy. When you go into the Ice Bar you get given two tokens for two beers or two shots, naturally I went for two shots! Now I don’t drink vodka but sweet, vanilla vodka in a shot glass made of ice? I am in. Two ice shots in and we were hooked, we all then carried on with the vodka shots in these adorable shot glasses.


Vodka shots!

Gin and elderflower tonic

After the vodka came the gin, yes gin. I love everything about gin, especially in what looks like a fish bowl! There are no other words for this besides delightful.


Gin time

Cocktail hour

Staying in the Movenpick Hotel was perfect, just a short walk into town, the friendliest staff and some really wonderful cocktails.




All the cocktails

Next I’ll be writing up the food of Amsterdam!

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