SWEET TREATS: Gluten free, dairy free but not fun free brownies

As you may have figured out, I love sweet things especially chocolate (did you see my chocolate smoothie?). Naturally avoiding dairy makes satisfying the chocolate craving pretty difficult but fear not my little lambs Deliciously Ella has solved all our problems, her raw brownies changed my life, they taste indulgent and so incredibly chocolaty!

My recipe is a little different to Deliciously Ella’s but they are both perfect with a cuppa.

Here’s what you need:
1 cup of walnuts
1 pinch of sea salt
10 dates
3 tablespoons of cacao powder
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
1 tablespoon of water

Now, this honestly couldn’t be easier. Grab your blender and chuck the walnuts in, blend them into a rough crumb. Now add sea salt and dates, blend again. Now add your cacao powder, again if you’re not into cacao powder you can use cocoa powder but make sure it’s not full of sugar. Now you need to spoon the mix into a bowl, it will look like a bowl of mud but that’s ok!


Next you need to melt your coconut oil, I’m old school and don’t have a microwaves so I sit my jar in a sink of hot water. When it’s melted spoon two tablespoons into the chocolate mix combine it all together and add a tablespoon of cold water to help it stick. Then you need to lay out some grease proof paper on a chopping board and pile your mix out and flatten it with the back of a spoon.


Leave these to set in the fridge for at least two hours, the chop them into little squares. They are best eaten straight from the fridge and never get the post chocolate binge guilt again!


Serving suggestion: fresh strawberries, cherries and peppermint tea.


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