RICE: Pink rice and grilled broccoli 

If you know me or read Little Nibble regularly you might have realised that I really hate beige food, beige food usually means carby, cheesy goo that will make you feel like you’re trying to digest a ton of bricks – no thank you!   I blogged a rainbow salad at the weekend and this rice dish is another great weapon in my fight against crappy, beige food. The best thing about this meal is that the beetroot mixes with the mayonnaise to make lovely pink rice, it’s the food of my dreams.

What you need:
3/4 cup of cooked rice
Small handful of broccoli
1 piece of beetroot
An inch of cucumber
1 salad tomato
1 spring onion
1 tablespoon of egg free mayonnaise
1 chunk of soft goats cheese

Serves 1

This needs cold rice, what I tend to do is cook a big batch of rice on a Sunday so that I have rice handy for lunches and dinners. I tend to take 5 handfuls of rice, put it in a saucepan and cover it with cold water and boil it until it’s all lovely and fluffy. Then you can drain it, rinse it in cold water and keep it sealed in the fridge. I find the key to eating better is to have things like this ready and waiting for you in the fridge.

First things first, grill your broccoli, yes, you read that right, grill it. I love broccoli but I have no time for that over boiled, soggy broccoli and grilling it is wonderful way to avoid it. Chop your broccoli up into bitesized pieces and get them on a tray under the grill, it only needs to be under the grill for around 15-20 minutes, keep an eye on it and turn over every time you start to see it colouring. When this is all a little crispy and cooked, leave to the side to cool and start assembling the rest of the meal.

Grab yourself a large mixing bowl, the key to this salad is to get it all mixed together before you put it into a bowl to munch on. Measure yourself out 3/4 cup of cold, cooked rice and whack that straight into your mixing bowl. Chop all the vegetables, make sure it’s all nice, small, bitesized pieces and get it all in to the mixed bowl. Add the mayonnaise and stir it all in, you’ll see that it very quickly mixes with the beetroot to create that wonderful pink colour. Lastly pop in the chunks of goats cheese and broccoli, mix in and transfer to a bowl to eat.

Simple, colourful and easy!

Pink rice with broccoli

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