Rainbow, chicken salad

MEALS: Rainbow chicken salad

Salads can be boring, I’m the first to admit that! They can also be really unsatisfying and not at all filling, this one is not one of these salads though, this one is jammed full of chicken, flavour and colour. I think that colour is so important in food, I can not think of anything worse that a beige plate of food, beige plates give me the fear! This salad is the weapon in the battle against boring, beige food.

Rainbow, chicken salad

What you need:
Half a mini gem lettuce
2 salad tomatoes
4 yellow cherry tomatoes
4 back cherry tomatoes
2 celery stalks
8 olives
2 radishes
1 cooked chicken breast
2 slices of salami
balsamic vinegar

Then it really is as simple as shredding the lettuce and plonking it right in the middle of your plate, chopping the salad and cherry tomatoes then arrange them around the lettuce. Now this is where I take my plate presentation too far, this salad looks so good if you pile it all up like it have! So now you’re salad tomatoes are around the rim of the plate, black and yellow cherry tomatoes are alternately placed on top, chop the celery into small slices and mix that into the lettuce in the centre, add your olives and thinly sliced radish.

Top with your sliced chicken breast and salami, ground some pepper and drizzle a little balsamic vinegar over the top and you’ve got yourself a rainbow salad!

7 thoughts on “MEALS: Rainbow chicken salad

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    This is a lovely recipe. Adding protein rich ingredients to salad make them filling one dish meals. This one has tons of protein and should be very good for someone who is looking for a filling meal with lots of flavour and healthful ingredients. x


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