Rice cakes with eggs and tomato

BREAKFAST: More eggs

My posts have been very breakfast heavy recently but I’ve got admit it’s my favourite meal of the day. I’ve also gotten rather obsessed with eggs, my last post was a simple way to eat boiled eggs on toast and today I’ve got scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Rice cakes with eggs and tomato

What you need:
3 rice cakes
2 eggs
Spray oil
2 tomatoes
Salt and pepper

Like all my breakfasts this is super simple, crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk them until they are light and fluffy. I know a lot of people will put milk into their scrambled eggs but that’s not for me, I think it just waters down the eggy flavour. Now grab your frying pan, spray it with your oil and heat it up then throw your eggs in. Keep the pan on a low heat so that the eggs don’t over cook, you want them to stay lovely and moist but if you cook them for too long on a high heat they’ll end up dry and nasty. While the eggs are slowly cooking you can grab your rice cakes, slice the tomatoes and cover the rice cakes with them. By the time you’ve done this your eggs will be about ready so pop the eggs on top, smother them with some salt and pepper and scoff the lot with a good cup on coffee. Happy Sunday folks.

Note: you can also cook your eggs in a microwave but I don’t have one of those evil boxes!

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