THE VEGAN DIARIES: Why I’m forcing myself to eat mushrooms

MUSHROOMS ARE MY NEMESIS. I’ve grown up hating everything about them, they have a weird texture, a god awful smell and they are the ugliest colour. Can you tell I’m still on the hatred bandwagon here? Since turning to a plant based diet however I’ve realised that my full blown loathing of mushrooms is going to limit my food choices even further. So I made the decision to at least try to eat mushrooms, sometimes…



So why am I trying to incorporate this fungi into my diet?


Like I mentioned in a previous post, lots of people are very concerned about my intake of vitamins and minerals (WHY?!) so don’t worry folks, now that I’m hiding mushrooms in my own food I’m getting an extra boost of calcium. That can only be a good thing right?

Garlic mushrooms

Let’s take a moment to talk about the smell of mushrooms cooking. ABSOLUTELY NOT GUYS. I mean what is that smell? Dirt? I don’t know. It’s not good anyway. However, throw garlic in that frying pan and the smell is suddenly great. I have lots of memories of walking down the stairs at home, smelling this wonderful garlic fragrance from the kitchen and getting disappointed when my dad turned around to ask me if I want some mushrooms *vom* absolutely not. But now, I figure, if I like the smell so much, maybe it’s not all bad, which it isn’t.

Mushroom burgers

Burgers make me happy. I’ve spent many a meal in Dennistoun Bar B Que scoffing down their ridiculously tasty burgers. But I keep coming up against it in restaurants because often the vegetarian options is a hallumi burger and the vegan option is a mushroom burger. It can’t be all the bad right?

So here’s where I need your help. How do you eat your mushrooms? Where do you eat mushrooms? HELP ME!


3 thoughts on “THE VEGAN DIARIES: Why I’m forcing myself to eat mushrooms

  1. weewears says:

    Hmmm! Tricky one, I tend to put them in everything, Is there such a thing as vegan/plant based chilli?! Fire them in that? I have always wanted to try to make stuffed mushrooms but not found a decent recipe yet,

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