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DRINKS: Espresso time – no coffee machine needed

I teased you on Instagram on Saturday morning saying you don’t need a fancy coffee machine to make your morning espresso and you don’t!! I used to have a coffee machine and all it ever did was gather dust on my kitchen counter, so I threw it away and went back to instant coffee. Ok so instant coffee isn’t great either, a coffee nut at work recommended an aeropress and it has changed my life.

What you need:
1 tablespoon of ground coffee
Hot water (only enough to fill your espresso cup)
An aeropress

Boil your kettle, pop the filter into the bottom of your  aeropress, add your ground coffee and pop it over a mug. You’ll need to brew your coffee into a mug, trust me I tried to put straight into my espresso cup (I wasn’t awake clearly) and wasted coffee! I then measured out the boiling water in my teeny cup, threw it in my aeropress pushed the water through the coffee and boom! COFFEE TIME.

espresso hack

How cute is my new espresso cup?

So you don’t need a fancy, expensive coffee machine to make great coffee, all you need is a lovely, £25 gadget. The aeropress is also really simple to clean, I could not recommend it enough.

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