Boiled eggs on gluten free toast

BREAKFAST: Boiled eggs and coffee in the morning

First things first, I’ve gotten pretty behind with my recipes, soz guys. But a couple of days off from my day job and I’ll all over it, all over it from the comfort of my bed – that still counts right?
Lazy day food blogging

You probably all know by now that I love eggs, they are so good for you and great for breakfast, lunch or tea. Poached eggs for breakfast or omelette for brunch or for dinner, eggs area great addiction for any meal. This morning I started my lazy day with boiled eggs on gluten free toast and coffee with soya milk, it was delightful.

Boiled eggs on gluten free toast

What you need:
Two slices of gluten free bread
Two eggs
Dairy free spread (Vitalite)
Salt and pepper

How do you get the perfect hard boiled egg? EASY. You don’t need a timer, you simply need to put your eggs into a saucepan, add cold water to cover the eggs by about a centimetre and put it on the hob. By the time the water comes to the boil your eggs will be cooked, empty the hot water and run the eggs under cold water so you can peal them without burning your fingers.

Pop your gluten free bread into the toaster and peal your eggs, butter your toast with dairy free spread (I always use Vitalite), slice the eggs and mash them into your toast. Finally top with salt and pepper then enjoy with a hot coffee and you’re ready to tackle your busy day!

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