SWEET TREATS: Vegan Pancakes, the actual dream

It's almost that time of year, PANCAKE TIME! Ok, so Shrove Tuesday isn't until 9th February it's never to early to start practicing right? A few years ago I had a pancake party and it was so great, but I thought I'd try to make a simpler gluten free and vegan pancake so here goes! What you … Continue reading SWEET TREATS: Vegan Pancakes, the actual dream

BRUNCH: Vegan omelette, wait, what?

You read that title correct, VEGAN OMELETTE! Being a new vegan I am still coming up against a few issues because I used to love an eggy, weekend breakfast. It seems that tofu is the answer to my eggy cravings. First I wearily tried scrambled tofu and now I'm trying a tofu omelette. Now, when I was … Continue reading BRUNCH: Vegan omelette, wait, what?