REVIEW: Le Potager du Marais

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Paris for work, only for one night but PARIS! Having never been to Paris my head was instantly filled with how pretty the city is, the air of chic everyone would have and if people would actually wear berets (they don’t). It took a while to sink in that I was going to the capital of CHEESE, OH GOD I CAN’T EAT THE CHEESE. I miss cheese 24/7, don’t get me wrong, I do love some of the vegan cheese (especially the favoured cream cheeses) that’s available but it’s no stinky stilton or creamy camembert. Along with all the out of bounds bread too, my heart swiftly sank to my feet.
This trip was the truest test of veganism.

I was lucky enough to be travelling with people who were very open to trying a vegan restaurant and they suggested Le Potager du Marais, after a swift google, I was sold.

Le Potager du Marais is a teeny little restaurant that was empty when we arrived, when I say empty I mean there wasn’t a single soul in the place.

It also has the clearest menu! Now if you read my review of Zizzi you’ll know how important this is to me, eating out can be a total faff if you need to ask the waiting staff 500 questions about ingredients. This menu was entirely vegan and had the grain free sign against all of the dishes that were gluten free – hallelujah!

gluten free symbol

Why aren’t more places using this symbol?

Turmeric and leek soup

I bloody love turmeric, I was waffling on all morning about how good it is for everyone and how more people should try turmeric tea and then boom, the soup of the day was turmeric and leek. If you ask, you can also have gluten free bread with your sauce – utterly wonderful. This has made me

Crusty quinoa burger with tofu, vegetables and mushroom sauce

First things first, by the time our mains where brought to the table the place was FULL, full of locals – must be good! Now the second most important thing is that I chose to have the mushroom sauce, my mushroom hating days are long gone! Don’t get me wrong, I could live without them but occasionally, I actually want to eat them. This photograph does this dish no justice whatsoever, this was easily one of the tastiest meals I’ve eating out this year.

This (and the red wine) left me utterly stuffed and in need of a good walk before a quick pitstop to see this old thing all light up and utterly breathtaking.

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