THE VEGAN DIARIES: Eating out, the most stressful thing I do

Since I started to follow a vegan diet I can’t lie, I’ve been totally avoiding eating out. Why? Who wants to go and eat with the wheat intolerant vegan? It even annoys me. So I can’t lie, I have been totally avoiding having to go out for food, which is tough, I LOVE FOOD. But, I wanted to share with you the two best places I have eating in recently, one in Glasgow, the other in Edinburgh.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Burgers are difficult for anyone following a gluten or wheat free diet, throw in vegan and you’re screwed- wait, no that’s not right at all! Gourmet Burger Kitchen is actually pretty good! They have a separate gluten free menu (hallelujah) so it’s super easy to find what you can eat, this is my all time favourite thing, I absolutely hate pestering staff to find out if something is wheat free. Now unfortunately the gluten free buns have egg in them (boo) but after a quick check with the kitchen the Hippy Dippy burger without the bun with grilled corn on the cob is gluten free, vegan and not really a burger. Grilled pineapple, satay sauce, piquillo peppers, onion and rocket, I mean that is really a salad but a bloody good one!


Vittoria on the Walk

Italian food is tough, it’s all bread and cheese, mmm bread and cheese… But my friend did some research and some taste testing et voila! Not only do they make their gluten free pizza bases (unlike a lot of other pizza places) but they make them without eggs, so whip that cheese off and you’ve got yourself a vegan, gluten free pizza, or vegetables on toast. Either way it was the best pizza I’ve ever had.


If anyone has any top tips for eating out in Glasgow and Edinburgh please fire them my way.

6 thoughts on “THE VEGAN DIARIES: Eating out, the most stressful thing I do

  1. PeverilBlog says:

    Yep, eating out can sometimes be a total pain in the arse. Having said that, I’ve started relying more and more on the Happycow app. It’s pretty good, one of the few apps where I’ve happily paid straight away for the full version.

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