Veganuary 2020: All of the new foods!

Happy Veganuary 2020 people. If you're late to the party and don't know what Veganuary is, where have you been? Nah, I'm kidding, it's a pledge to go vegan for the month of January and I think it's a great way to learn what's available for vegans in a month where there's a lot of … Continue reading Veganuary 2020: All of the new foods!

REVIEW: Pizza at Civerinos, Edinburgh

A few weeks ago I was through in Edinburgh for piercings, pints and pizzas, that's a thing right? I am lucky enough to work with some wonderful babes who suggested that those of us who have been thinking about getting some piercings all go for a piercing, pints and pizza day out. Never one to … Continue reading REVIEW: Pizza at Civerinos, Edinburgh