REVIEW: Pizza at Civerinos, Edinburgh

A few weeks ago I was through in Edinburgh for piercings, pints and pizzas, that’s a thing right? I am lucky enough to work with some wonderful babes who suggested that those of us who have been thinking about getting some piercings all go for a piercing, pints and pizza day out. Never one to turn down a bit of peer pressure, I was in. So off we popped to Studio XIII in Edinburgh where we all stood around feeling nervous and anxiously waiting for our turn. Welcome to my life with my septum pierced face.

septum piercing

Before you ask, yes it’s sore. The piercing itself wasn’t at all painful but the following week was agony, if you’re thinking of getting it done too just bare with the pain, it gets better I promise.

Back to pizzas, I would never have walked into Civerinos on my own because it looks like a typical pizza place I really don’t enjoy a cheese-less pizza – that’s just vegetables on toast. In the end I chickened out of trying the pizza, I was kind of full from eating before I jumped on the train so I settled for a bowl of olives while the girls ate their pizzas. Roll on the food envy. I tried to forget the food envy but I could not so two weeks later I met my friend from art school to catch up and natter about her wedding over some lunch and boom there was my excuse to go back.

Photo 29-07-2017, 1 44 54 pm

Meat is Murder pizza at Civerinos aka the absolutely bloody dream

THIS PIZZA IS THE SHIT. I love pizza, I miss pizza, I want to eat pizza all day every day. This pizza was running the risk of being another vegetables on toast joke because there’s no cheese but I can confirm that this pizza is one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever tasted. Get yourself down to Civerinos asap, it’s also the perfect place to go if you’re eating with non-vegans because everyone loves a good pizza.



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