REVIEW: Pizza at Civerinos, Edinburgh

A few weeks ago I was through in Edinburgh for piercings, pints and pizzas, that's a thing right? I am lucky enough to work with some wonderful babes who suggested that those of us who have been thinking about getting some piercings all go for a piercing, pints and pizza day out. Never one to … Continue reading REVIEW: Pizza at Civerinos, Edinburgh

EVENTS: Vegfest Glasgow 2016

Firstly, this is long ass post but stick with it, it's worth it! This weekend has been one of my favourite weekends this year, why? It's VEGFEST weekend! Last year my day at VEGFEST really opened my eyes to veganism and how easy it could be to go vegan, this started me on the journey to being the vegan I … Continue reading EVENTS: Vegfest Glasgow 2016