EVENTS: Vegfest Glasgow

On Saturday me and a few friends hopped along to Vegfest in Glasgow, now none of us are vegan but span from people trying to eat less animal products, vegetarian to genuinely trying to figure out what there is to eat if you have allergies but want to be vegan, it was a great day for everyone to get some information and try some new food. So what was there? Let’s start with the cakes, cakes are hard for me being wheat free and dairy free when I can, I usually need to compromise on the dairy so I can eat a cake but NOT HERE! I was utterly thrilled to see all of these vegan cakes (who said being vegan was boring) AND gluten free, vegan tiffin. Tiffin used to be one of my all time favourite things to eat and I can never eat it.


Round the next corner we found some vegan clothes, now this is something that I’ve never even thought about clothes and how they can be produced more ethically. I don’t know about you but I definitely want to be in the vegan pizza gang, do we think I can get that on a gluten free base?


Not only do Chiaralascura sell clothes like this, they make hilarious badges, naturally I had to buy their gluten free one. Along with the ethical clothing there were stalls for animal cruelty, in amougst these stalls where Sea Shepherds, a group close to my heart because of all they do to protect the sea and everything in it.


About half way through the stalls we decided that we needed a pit stop for some proper food, more than tasters of chocolate that is. All four of us had something different, there was the vegan hot dog, spinach pastry, Mexican wrap and I had jerk soya with rice, peas and salad and it was utterly beautiful.


I know I was particularly hungry on Saturday but this was easily the best damn lunch I’ve had for ages, it was full of flavour and completely filling.

On my way out I treated myself to some Koko chocolate milk to have at home with my tiffin. It did not disappoint, chocolate milk and tiffin made the perfect tea. This whole event has forced me to think a bit harder about becoming vegan, if vegan food can taste this good then I just need to put more effort into my food prep and maybe I could do it! I’ll never get invited for dinner anywhere again. If any of you out there are reading this and have any advice, please get in touch.

Find out more about Vegfest.

10 thoughts on “EVENTS: Vegfest Glasgow

  1. Milk_the_funk says:

    Well done on trying to make the change. I went vegan almost a year ago now and have never looked back. The food is out of this world, as my waist line can attest to haha Check out Instagram where theres a huge community of vegan food blodggers sharing cheap and easy plant based meals 🙂

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    • Smeeeff says:

      Haha! Thanks for the encouragement, I think trying to phase it in over the next month will help for sure. I’ll be starting 2016 as vegan as I can. I’m so overwhelmed at all the support for people trying to change their diets x


  2. Redsquirrel says:

    I went vegan earlier this year and have not looked back. Yes it’ll be a bit more challenging to do gluten free and vegan but there are lots of groups, blogs and instar am accounts with lots of helpful advice and ideas. Give it a go!

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    • Smeeeff says:

      Good for you! I’m starting this week, I’ll be as vegan as I can be for the rest of the year and then hopefully be starting 2016 fully vegan. Thanks for the support! X


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