THE VEGAN DIARIES: 6 month progress update

Well well well, here we are a whole six months into project vegan. When I was toying with the idea of veganism back in December I attended Vegfest and started to seriously consider becoming vegan, I was definitely still wavering though. I gave it a bash for a little but in December but I then bit the bullet and started properly in January. So what’s happening six months on?

This has been the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Yes, being vegan is hard. Mostly because of what other people say, the way they speak to me and the way assume I’m going to lecture them about that steak that they are eating (which smells divine by the way, can I smell it?). Once you get past the embarrassment of those awkward conversations where people realise that you’re vegan, you realise that you’re doing the right thing for you and I no longer care what people think about my choice, it is my choice after all.

It has made me sad

This sounds awful but it’s really not, when I’m having a tough day all I need to do is hop on to Facebook and it’s not long before I come across a post from Vegan Edinburgh + Glasgow (VEG) and it reminds me why I’m in this for the long haul. Here people share food they have made, places they’ve eaten great vegan food, news articles or just a safe space to rant about people not understanding why they are vegan. The more I see about the way that humans feel that they are entitled to treat animals, the more I lose my faith in people. There are however those stories that fill my soul with joy, but that makes me cry too these days.

Being vegan doesn’t make you skinny.

I just wanted to clear that up right there. I really enjoy going out for dinner, but I’m also not the kind of person that would make everyone always go to vegan restaurants in Glasgow so naturally I ate a lot of chips. Also, lots and lots of crisps are vegan… hungry at work? Off to the vending machines for some crips. On the other end of the scale though, when there’s a good vegan option or hell, a whole vegan menu I go wild and want to eat everything.

It’s not all bad news

I can honestly say that going vegan has cleared my skin. I would always get spots around my period, I’d get them on my chin and forehead. You know those spots that never come to a head but sit there under your skin, like a twin waiting to burst out? I used to get at least one of them every, single month. Now, I can’t actually remember the last time I had one. All those reports of vegan skin being fab are 100% true in my experience.

Last year I decided to join my local gym, I thought “this is it, I’m going to be fit AF”. Then roughly six month later I went vegan “this will help me shed a bit of fat”. Neither of these things really happened. So here’s me, pre-vegan and pre-gym membership.


No one notice that I smoothed my sides on Photoshop, ok thanks

Ok, yes I have black hair (it’s so long, why isn’t my hair that long right now?) and I’ve now gone back to my natural blonde and no I don’t know how much I weighed in this photograph. Fast forward to the gym membership and the gym changed my shape, but I stayed the same weight for around 10 months. Now that I’ve done my research that’s probably because muscle is much denser than fat, so that myth that muscle is heavier than fat isn’t true!

Once I turned 30 earlier this year, I decided that I would get my butt into gear and get my diet sorted along with upping my gym game. This was as simple as picking up a few more classes at the gym (that’s now one Metafit and three BodyAttacks a week with the occasional core class or BodyPump) and downloading MyFitnessPal again. I know a lot of people don’t think calorie counting is healthy but it’s really easy to assume that you’re eating a lot less than you really are, those pesky calories are EVERYWHERE. All it’s taken is a few small changes to my lifestyle and boom, I’ve lost a stone without stressing about it and feel healthier than ever.


Same outfit, different year, different hair

Vegans are strong as hell

Ok, not all vegans are strong in the same way that not all meat are full of muscle. But I genuinely feel stronger than I’ve ever felt. I’ve been able to fuel my body well enough to start to change it, this is by no means the end of my story, just beginning. I know that’s cheesy at hell but I don’t care!

So never let the media fool you into thinking that all vegans are weak, skinny and without any energy. If anyone has any recipes that will help me on my journey please share them and I’ll try them out.

4 thoughts on “THE VEGAN DIARIES: 6 month progress update

  1. lyndyloofoo says:

    Hi Amy! You’re looking fab! Seriously you look happier & healthier and I’m in awe of your fitness class regime! Go for it girl, however you decide to live your life has to be right for you and it looks like you’ve found your place 🙂 -x-x-x-

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