SWEET TREATS: TESCO’s free from egg

Easter is one week away! Wasn’t it only my birthday the other day? Ok so I don’t celebrate Easter, like most of us I’m not actually religious and I work for a retail company so it’s not even a long weekend for me. But, I do love a big of vegan chocolate so I can’t resist an Easter egg. Last year I boycotted the whole egg season because I was so annoyed that there is so little choice for vegans who aren’t willing to make their own eggs. This year however, there’s still no choice but I really want some white chocolate.

The white chocolate egg


Here it is, the white chocolate egg (there’s a “milk” chocolate egg too) and it sits in the free from section in TESCO. It’s pretty easy to find and only £2.50, which when you look at the price of vegan chocolate, it’s really not so bad. As soon as I got this egg home I remembered why I haven’t bought an Easter egg for years, there is SO much packaging, why does it need a cardboard sleeve, hard plastic mould and a plastic bag for the buttons.  Obviously the card can be recycled but nothing else can be – tut tut TESCO.


On to the important stuff, the egg is thick and creamy, everything I want from a chocolate egg and the buttons are just as delicious. I think white chocolate is really hard to get right, this is probably a little too rich for me but pretty close to what I remember white chocolate tasting like.

Have you tried any vegan eggs yet? What’s on your list for Easter?

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