BRUNCH: French toast, the dairy and gluten free way

Brunch is one of the best things about the weekend, no alarms set, lazy mornings with a good book and something tasty to eat.


What you need:
2 slices of gluten free bread
Spray oil
1 egg
1/2 cup of hazelnut milk
Handful of strawberries
Three tablespoons of soya yoghurt

First whisk together the egg and milk, this will work with any non-dairy milk so don’t worry if you’re not a fan of hazelnut milk. Pop one slice of bread into the bowl with the batter and spray your frying pan with a couple of squirts of oil and get it on the hob. Flip the bread over and get it straight into the hot pan, then soak the second slice and whack that into the pan. You need to leave them to cook the first side for about 4-5 minutes or until it starts to move in the pan. Once they start to look golden brown you can flip them over. While you’re waiting for the toast to brown slice up your strawberries.

When your toast is ready get it straight onto a plate, dollop on some soya yoghurt and sprinkle on your strawberries. Perfect brunch, every time.


Serving suggestion: ditch the strawberries and yoghurt for crispy bacon and maple syrup.

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