A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Birthday time

On Wednesday I turned the grand old age of 29 and to celebrate one of my besties took me on a wheat free tour of Edinburgh. We started with the cat cafe in Stockbridge, Maison de Moggy is a wonderful place, you book an hour for only £7 and you get to sit and drink coffee (with soya milk) and gluten free cake while cats roam around and some times come for a cuddle. This guy was my favourite, having a good, long look at how handsome all the cats are!
Cafe Cafe in Edinburgh

We then popped into the sweetest little cafe called Patisserie Madeleine for tea and macarons. How cute is this tiny tea pot?

macarons and tea

I’m a total sucker for anything colourful and sweet, these macarons where just perfect, sweet, slightly gooey and wonderfully crunchy. The tea was a white peach loose leaf tea and was equally beautiful, if anyone knows where I can get hold of something similar please holla at me!

We also had lunch at the Brazilian pancake police box near the meadows but by this time my phone had died! Blogging fail so instead here’s a photograph of us in the prettiest toilets that I have ever seen!! Seriously, I might need to retire my bathroom…

Where’s your favourite place to eat out in Edinburgh? Any tips for a gluten free day out?

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