2017 – New year new me

Er no thanks. I’m not into all of the new year, new me stuff. Last year was the biggest new years resolution that I’ve ever set and it was to go vegan and I’ve been totally on board with that all year. However, that is the only resolution that I’ve ever kept I’m not one for making a long list of resolutions that I have no intention of keeping. I often notice that peoples new year resolutions are to drink less or eat less which just feel negative so instead of giving things up I think we should be doing more things for ourselves! Here’s my plan.

Drink more water


I say this every January and I intend on making this a new years resolution every single year. Drinking water and staying well hydrated is so important, I can see the difference in my skin, my lips don’t dry out and my cheeks have a proper colour. Water, water, water.

Do real press ups


This one is a biggie, I have never done a real press up – EVER. Currently I aim to do 3 Body Attack classes, 1 Body Pump, 1 Core Blast and 1 Metafit class a week and every single class has press ups. I can not for the life of me lift my body off the floor, I have been working on my core and upper body strength and while I am definitely getting better I’m still doing those half press ups on my knees. NO MORE!

Only do things I want to


I saw this quote on Instagram and it really resonated with me. At the end of 2016 I started phasing out things that I didn’t want to do but felt like society wanted me to do and 2017 is the year that I become even more selfish with my time, want to spend the week in the gym? I’m there. Staying in my PJs with the pets all day, it’s happening.

What are your goals and plans for 2017? What are you doing more of this year?

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