THE VEGAN DIARIES: 5 Veganuary buddies

After writing my post with tips for Veganuary, I joined the Veganuary group on Facebook and I was so taken aback by the amount of people giving Veganuary a go this year. So I had an idea, I want to profile a few people from the group and follow their Veganuary journey.

Meet my buddies.

Emma Akehurst

This is Emma (HOW CUTE ARE HER DOGS?), Emma is a 45 year old painter and decorator from Tintagel in Cornwall. A veterian veggie of 33 years she’s tried going vegan but found it hard as a 14 year old in a world where it was so accepted and where there was a distinct lack of information and handy products. This is the first time that Emma has come across Veganuary and realised that this is her chance to make the change.


Biggest fear – curdling soya milk in tea!
Planning on staying vegan – yes

Ellie White

Meet Ellie, she lives in York, works as a primary school teacher and is the mum of a 5 year old and a 7 year old. She’s hoping that they will try some of her vegan food! Ellie gave up red meat when she was 11 and only really ate chicken and fish from then on, even they she was pretty fussy on the fish front! Like I was, Ellie is a bit of a cheese and egg fiend but she’s looking forward to eating a clean, whole foods diet and seeing the health benefits that go along with a plantbased diet and exercise regime.


Biggest fear – missing cheese and eggs
Planning on staying vegan – yes

Alice Mahalia

This is Alice, Alice is a trainee solicitor who lives near Brighton and is obsessed with travel and food. While in her teens, Alice dabbled with being vegetarian but the BBQs and all-you-can-eat steakhouses were too much of a temptation. But seeing her best friend move to Copenhagen, go vegan and start living a much healthier life made Alice realise that she wanted to give it a proper go. Alice is using Veganuary to kick start her vegan lifestyle as there’s a lot of support from everything who’s taking part. Alice is also planning on documenting her journey on her Instagram account.


Biggest fear – eating out
Planning on staying vegan – yes

Jaymee Heaton

Jaymee is a mother to 3 boys, she spends her days looking after them and her husband, none of which are vegan. As a meat and dairy eater, things started to change for Jaymee when she came across a YouTube video about dairy cows, it was then that Jaymee started to make the link between her breastfeeding her son Arthur and mother cows wanting to nourish their calves. This made Jaymee want to go vegan immediately. Jaymee and her husband wanted to try it but continued to eat meat and dairy. However, coming across  Veganuary gave Jaymee the inspiration she needed to try veganism all over again, so far it’ll only be her going vegan but it’ll give her good practice for reducing the boys’ meat intake.


Biggest fear – doesn’t really have any, just excited
Planning on staying vegan – yes

Jess Roper-Woods

This is Jess, Jess is one of those people doing two jobs, she works for the council and runs Stitches & Stars. Jess makes handmade items including badges with uplifting text like “believe in magic” – so darn cute. As a mostly vegetarian, Jess has been phasing in the vegan life already, cutting out milk and starting to feel quilty if she had a bit of a lapse. Although her hubby Mark and dog Elvis won’t be taking the plunge for Veganuary they are supportive and her best friend is embarking on the Veganuary mission with Jess.


Biggest fear – other people judging me
Planning on staying vegan – yes

We’ll all be catching up half way through Veganuary to see how they are getting on. If you’re taking part please get in touch and let me know how you’re doing. I’m already so proud of everyone taking part and I can’t wait to see how everyone gets on.

Don’t forget to check my surviving Veganuary post for inspiration.

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