Wheat and dairy free butternut squash muffins

BAKED GOODS: Butternut squash muffins

I absolutely love a muffin for breakfast but there's no way in hell I could eat them all the time, it's also very hard to buy a gluten free muffin that's also dairy free so I did some research and adapted a Jamie Oliver recipe for butternut squash muffins. What you need: 3 eggs 1/2 cup … Continue reading BAKED GOODS: Butternut squash muffins

SNACKS: Bacon and feta muffins

These are a great snack to make and keep in a tin ready to throw with some baked beans for a quick tea or just to snack on after work. Here's what you need: 2 x eggs 60g x Doves self raising flour 60g x rye four 110g x Vitalite 1/3 cup of soya milk … Continue reading SNACKS: Bacon and feta muffins