Chicken and vegetable pie

DINNER: Vegetable and chicken pie

I spend a lot of my life explaining to people that I really don't like most pies, I mean I just don't understand them! Why would you want to eat meat that's all mushed up in pastry? No thank you. I do however enjoy an open pie with lots of vegetables and no gravy for … Continue reading DINNER: Vegetable and chicken pie

SNACKS: Bacon and feta muffins

These are a great snack to make and keep in a tin ready to throw with some baked beans for a quick tea or just to snack on after work. Here's what you need: 2 x eggs 60g x Doves self raising flour 60g x rye four 110g x Vitalite 1/3 cup of soya milk … Continue reading SNACKS: Bacon and feta muffins