THE VEGAN DIARIES: Week two, feeling iffy

This is the end of week two of The Vegan Diaries and I’m struggling. This has been a really busy week, last weekend I was down in London for my friend’s birthday which was AMAZING. I managed to teach her to make some scrambled tofu (I don’t know how I managed this in my gin haze), she also showed me her posh beans, which I will be trying out next weekend. We scoffed the tofu and beans with left over home made guacamole, look at the colours on that plate!


We used silken tofu here, look how eggy it looks!

After recovering (kind of, we both had a bit of a wobble) from our ridiculous hangovers, we went to this great little tapas restaurant where we could all order something that we wanted. I’m sold on anything with avocados so this “super salad” plate was right up my street.


Weekend over, I was straight into a two day course with work, then back to normality with two days of regular work (well busy days!). With trains to catch, work to get done and sleep to catch up on, I had no time to prep any food. One of the biggest things I had learnt from my first full week of my new diet was preparation is key, this week failed me because I wasn’t making time to prep any food. This means I ate a lot of chips and baked beans – rubbish. By Friday night I was tucked up in bed with stomach spasms and a hot water bottle, glamorous right?

So I woke up on Saturday morning determined not to let the night before get me down and made myself a colourful breakfast that was sure to make me feel better. My scrambled tofu is a sure fire way to make me feel better.


Scrambled tofu, veggie sausages and avocado

A good, lazy breakfast, almond milk coffee and a morning catching up with friends sorted me right out and set me up for an afternoon frolicking in the snow, you might have caught some of the photographs on my Instagram. I BLOODY LOVE SNOW!

Today, I have been determined not to fall into the same trap this week so I spent a good hour flicking through my new cook book (a gift from the birthday girl) and ordering a food delivery for tomorrow.


Roll on week three!

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