THE VEGAN DIARIES: Weird things people are saying to me

Erm, where is January going? I can’t believe I am already writing my 3rd week of The Vegan Diaries. I wasn’t sure what to write about and then it came to me, people are saying the weirdest things to me now. This might come across as a really passive aggressive post but it’s really not, I find it hilarious what people think about my new diet and I’m chuckling away to myself as I type (the pets are giving me side-eye while I’m doing this).

But what do you eat?

So many things you fool, have you read my blog? Do you realise how much food you are eating that is accidentally vegan? Probably not actually, never mind.

No way is that vegan.

Now I understand that not everyone is savvy in the kitchen but when I bake something tasty, like the peanut butter squares, I’m hardly going make something that I can’t eat am I?

Are you going to try and convert me now?

NO! If you want to cut down the amount of meat you eat – amazing! If you want to ask me why I’m only eating vegan food, I’ll happily go into my reasons. But I am not this pushy person now that I’ve changed my diet.

Don’t you miss bacon though?

Of course I do, I’ve been eating bacon for as long as I can remember, it’s one of the best hangover cures BUT not enough to eat that adorable little piglet.

That’s amazing, you’re vegan? Gosh, I could never do that.

Much like earlier, I’ve not asked you to be vegan, you’re ok but thanks for letting me know you’re not ready to change, your cheese looks amazing by the way.

Where are you getting your protein from though?

I’ve always thought this is a weird thing to say to anyone, where are you getting your antioxidants from? Ok, what about your vitamin E? It’s weird right? Don’t worry though, lentils, oats, peanut butter, tofu, beans and soya milk are full of protein too.

Have you had any odd comments from people when they find out what you eat regularly? I’m off to eat some dust for dinner now, bye!

4 thoughts on “THE VEGAN DIARIES: Weird things people are saying to me

  1. saretap says:

    Haha, all so true! People get so uptight about something that doesn’t actually affect them. “What do you miss the most? When will you stop being vegan? Is that not really boring?” The best thing is that if you make people vegan food but without announcing it as such, then they totally enjoy it!


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