REVIEW: Sugar Daddy’s dreamboat

One of my best friends told me that we needed to grab some cake from this gluten free bakery in Stockbridge while I was through in Edinburgh for the day. I don’t know what I was expecting but Sugar Daddy’s went over and above my expectations.

Sugar Daddy’s is a gluten free bakery down on Rodney Street in Edinburgh, as well as every single item of food being safe for a wheat intolerant nightmare (me) to eat, they also cater for most (if not all) dietary requirements. As if that wasn’t good enough this bakery is a feast for the eyes, the outside is a beautiful mint colour, the window says “you need cake”and inside is pink, pink, pink! It is pastel perfection with a hint of rockabilly AKA heaven.



This teeny but perfectly formed bakery only has four seats in the window but don’t let that put you off, they give you little cupcake boxes for you to take everything away and scoff later.


Does anyone else fancy the chick on their sign inside?

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty – the cakes!

The SugarDaddyO 


The dude serving me knew the score “would you like this wrapped or are you going to eat it straight away?”

Donuts are one of my favourite things in the world, especially the simple ring donut but naturally I haven’t actually had one since developing a wheat intolerance. This donut was PERFECTION. I fully expected the ring to have a crumbly texture and maybe taste a little like a sponge cake but I was utterly wrong. The donut or SugarDaddyO as they call them, tasted exactly like I remember donuts, fluffy, sweet and doughy. I genuinely think that the only way they’ve been able to make these donuts gluten free and vegan is with magic. MAGIC, probably from a unicorn.

The salted caramel cupcake


I’m drooling thinking about this again…

DO NOT JUDGE THIS PHOTO! Basically, I had to put the cupcake in my bag for later and unfortunately I wasn’t as careful as I thought and it got a little squished. I’m so sorry little cupcake.

Now the apology is out of the way we can talk about the important stuff. Yes I am a health food obsessive but sometimes you do need to treat yourself to something overly indulgent, I rarely do it and I never eat cake. This cupcake was the shit. The sponge was light and fluffy, the splodge of salted caramel on the top was delightful and the icing, oh sweet lord, the icing. Vegan icing really doesn’t appeal to me, I used to be the biggest butter cream fan and when I’ve made it with vegan margarine it just doesn’t cut it. However, this icing must have fallen straight from the gods because it was thick, creamy and sweet. I want to eat another one right now!

The curry, mango chutney scone


Hai bae

Yes, you did read that right, this is a curry and mango chutney scone. Curry, mango chutney and scones are three of the best things in life, why have they not been combined until now? Now I get it, it sounds weird, aren’t you supposed to eat scones with clotted cream and jam anyway? But I figured if my dad can eat his porridge with a heap of curry powder, I can give this a bash. I am so glad a took the plunge and tried this. I saved this little curried scone to try at home, just incase it was a mistake! But I thought I’d keep it simple and try it with a little scrape of vegan margarine and it was wonderful. My only complaint? There wasn’t enough of it!

All in all, this bakery is a truly brilliant place, any of you in who are in Edinburgh should really pop down to try it. You don’t need to be gluten intolerant or vegan to try it, it’s a full to the brim of tasty food and good tea. The prices are also VERY good! Looking through their website, they even make cakes for occasions and they say simply want people to have delicious cakes that everyone can eat – music to my ears.

Sugar Daddy’s you get 10/10. You’re officially my favourite place in the world, please open in Glasgow soon.

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