LIFESTYLE: My new morning routine

I’ve been thinking a lot about about how routines help create healthy habits and how that makes us feel better. I took a long hard look at my weekday routine and realised, something needs to change.

Light alarm

No longer do I use a phone alarm to wake myself up (it still goes off but I’m always awake already), instead I use this really cheap alarm clock that wakes you up with a gradual light. I have to say that this has changed my life, on dark, winter mornings there is nothing worse that being startled into being awake by an alarm. This light however wakes you up gently and it feels like you’re waking up naturally.


Make my bed

I know that this sounds like a trivial thing but I’ve started to make the time to make my bed every morning and it’s making me feel so much better. My room looks tidier and nothing beats coming home and getting into a made bed after a long old day.


Quick body weight work out

I’ve put this into my routine but this is the newest edition. Over the past week I’ve not snoozed my alarm once! This is something that I’m genuinely proud of, usually my alarm light wakes me up for 6am and my phone alarm goes off at 6.05am, then I would snooze for a full 20-25 minutes. In head head, I thought this was making me less tired but I can now confirm that the snooze button is the devil. Getting up, making my bed and doing this mini work out was tough, it’s hard to get out of bed, especially at 6.05am in the dark!! But I can promise you that it is better than a shot of espresso, this is easily the best thing that I’ve done to wake me up on a weekday. It really is true that exercise wakes you up and this is just enough to wake me up without tiring me out.


Confession time, there was one day where I fell back into my old habits and snoozed but I didn’t beta myself up for it, it just made me more determined to get back on it on Thursday. It wasn’t even worth the extra 20 minutes in bed, I just felt sleepier than usual.

Finally a hot lemon water

After jumping in the shower and throwing some clothes on, I whack on some make up and down a hot lemon water. Hot lemon water is so good for you, especially in the morning as it contains a shot of vitamin C and potassium. Lemon water is also said to help aid digestion  and the antioxidants are a god send for clearing your skin from spots. The warm water helps to dilute the lemon juice so that it’s not harsh on the enamel on your teeth and helps to hydrate you after a full night of sleep.


So far, so good with the new routine. I’m feeling quite under the weather this weekend but that’s because everyone at work has been passing round germs! I’m very much looking forward to trying another week of my morning routine. Do you have a routine that you stick to? Are you a fellow snoozer?

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