SWEET TREATS: Top 3 Christmas chocolates for vegans

This is my first Christmas being vegan, that means no turkey, no goose fat roast potatoes and no chocolate – or does it?! There’s plenty of vegan chocolate out there and a ton of chocolate flavoured foods in the supermarkets now but at Christmas you want something that feels like a treat don’t you? So I’ve collected my top 3 chocolatey treats that I’ll be scoffing over the festive period as some last minute ideas for stocking filers of sweet treats   for the vegans in your life.

1.  conscious chocolate

This is so good. I’ve only recently discovered conscious chocolate and I get mine either in Whole Foods or on Amazon and it is creamy, full of flavour and the perfect stocking filler for both vegans and non-vegans alike! I’m really don’t think that dairy eaters would know it was vegan if you didn’t tell them, the texture is perfect for those chocolate lovers amongst us.


2. Mini Moos

This bar is incredibly Christmassy, it’s even shaped like Santa! What’s not to love? This chocolate tastes better than most supermarket dairy free chocolate, most have that strange bland taste but to me Mini Moos are delightful. These are usually found in Sainsburys so they are very easy to get hold of.


3. Vego bars

Then finally there’s the vegan firm favourite that is the vego bar. Vego make chocolate and hazelnut bars of joy, they are whole hazelnuts covered in a really tasty, milk tasting chocolate. If you haven’t tried one of these yet you really need to involved, again I buy mine Whole Foods or on Amazon if I’m being lazy and want them to arrive at my flat. Now, you need a warning, the regular sized bars are HUGE! Like too big, I always say that I’ll eat half but I have no self control and always go back for the other half.


So if you still need to buy a couple of stocking fillers for you vegan friends, or you’re a vegan and need to top up a gift or two with something that you’re comfortable eating or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a bit of festive chocolate you are sorted!

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