REVIEW: The vegan steak

THE VEGAN STEAK. It’s the perfect oxymoron right? If I had a pound for every time that I need to explain that I used to really enjoy steak, that I didn’t stop eating meat because I didn’t like the taste of it… no really… It’s a conversation I end up having with the people more often than I care to admit (and frequently with the same few people time and time again). Whilst I don’t always eat a lot of faux meats, there really is something great about being able to sit down and tuck into something that feels like comfort food from back in the day.

A few weeks ago Tesco announced that they were going to start selling Vivera steaks. Don’t worry, I scoffed at the thought. Why do we need steaks? We have really good burgers, sausages, pulled pork and fishless fingers so is there really any need for a vegan steak? I didn’t think that I needed this in my life.


When the Vivera steaks were finally available, instagram blew up with positive vibes from some of my favourite foodies. So, I was convinced that I should at least give them a try, because lets face it, I hate to feel left out. Off I popped to Tesco to find me some steak – it feels weird writing that.  Now I hear all of the skeptics, I know that they are asking “well what the hell is it then?”. So the Vivera steaks are soya and wheat protein that are:

  • High in protein
  • Source of fibre
  • Source of vitamin B12 & iron

Vivera have managed to create a very tasty, meaty steak that even bleeds (which is kind of minging but it does help the illusion). While it’s not perfect as a substitute steak, I liked my steak rare after all, it does fill the hole left in my heart that used to be filled with steak. Vivera steaks are cooked in minutes so they are the ideal fast, vegan food for those who don’t have bags of time to be making dinner every evening.


I really need to invest in a griddle pan because Elizabeth  (from Definitely Vegan) has been making me all kinds of jealous. How good does this look?!


If you got this far and still don’t understand why vegans are loosing their shit over faux meats then have a read of this post where I defended our right to eat them or get in touch and I can try to answer your questions.

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