MEAL: The Iceland paella

If you know me in real life (and maybe on insta), you’ll almost definitely know that I am a self confessed food snob. You’ll never see me buying ready meals, including soup, if I had more time in my day I’d only ever bake my own bread (I might need to get my bread machine back out as it does the hard work for me) and I would only ever nip into Iceland for a bag of frozen veg on a rare occasion.


I love to cook, which is why I am such a food snob, I love the process and the satisfaction of learning (both intentionally and accidentally) what flavours go together. That’s it, a love of process not a love of being a control freak and wanting to know exactly what is in my food…

It’s no secret that Iceland have blown a lot of supermarkets out of the water with their new vegan range. What started as one humble burger (who I am in love with) has grown into a whole freezer full of vegan food. That’s right, a while bloody freezer. They’ve also released a statement to say that they are removing all products containing palm oil from their stores (read it for yourself here, it’s wonderful). I have been blown over with my new found love for Iceland, no one is more shocked than me.

Now, when I saw all of my favourite instagrammers gushing over the paella I kind of thought, naaaah the burgers are good but there’s no way that I’d be into a frozen paella! Good lord was I wrong.


This is a cook from frozen, flavour packed bag of joy. Ok so it could do with a few more vegetables if I’m being completely honest but for the convenience (it goes from frozen to cooked in 8 minutes), mock meats and flavour, I can’t fault it whatsoever. Have you tried it yet? What’s your favourite Iceland gem?

Don’t forget to check out the other vegan products no bull range, the no chick range and don’t forget the couple of no porkies too.

3 thoughts on “MEAL: The Iceland paella

  1. butterflies and boundaries says:

    Self confessed food snob. Love that. I’m one too! And I want to see more posts like this, about meals, cheap meals and what they taste like because there’s just not enough. I haven’t tried this but I might. I don’t tend to buy much from Iceland, im more a M&S kinda gal. Told you, food snob! X


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