THE VEGAN DIARIES: The roll that shook the world

Now unless you’ve been living on the moon this week, you’ll have heard that Greggs have launched a vegan sausage roll!

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The wait is over… 3.1.19 #vegansausageroll 🌱😍

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– every vegan and vegetarian

However, with the internet being the internet, some meat eaters were outraged by the very thought of the vegan sausage roll. Here are my highlights:

Of course my favourite reaction was the ever so opinionated Piers Morgan…

Note the perfectly simple yet effective response from Greggs.

There were those people offering some legal advice.

Those who just needed to vent that they didn’t like it.

Those who had apparently already tried it…

But the humans over at Greggs have been on top form, as have the vegans who have been replying to the meat eaters.

The only downside is realising that Piers and Greggs are on the books for the same PR agency so here’s hoping that Piers isn’t waiting for a bit fat cheque from Greggs or my little heart might break.

Regardless of the PR confusion, there has been so much hysteria over the V roll that it’s all everyone has wanted to talk to me about and I AM HERE FOR IT. Sadly, the Greggs where I work wasn’t on the list of shops getting the infamous vegan sausage roll, but one of my friends nipped out to grab me one at lunch so I did get to scoff a bit V roll (albeit cold) last night and it was DIVINE.

UPDATE: Piers: the vegan victim

I think the animals you might be eating while tweeting are the true victims here Mr Morgan. Could he be the biggest snowflake of all?

Let’s finish with one of my favourite vegans on the planet.

I’d love to hear your highlights from the big V sausage roll gate! 

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