BAKED GOODS: A simple chocolate cake

Vegans just eat grass right? We've all seen the memes, we've all pretended to laugh at the jokes, yeh very funny everyone. Now that it's BBQ season this joke seems to be around more than usual - wonderful. A few weeks ago I went home for my dad's 60th birthday and what did we do … Continue reading BAKED GOODS: A simple chocolate cake

pumpkin loaf

Breakfast: Pumpkin loaf 

Halloween might be over *sobs*, fireworks might exploding all over the place and the days are getting colder and darker - yay. This time of year can be very depressing, it's so dark and dreary but it is the perfect time for pumpkins. Thank goodness for pumpkins, I love everything about them; the colour, carving … Continue reading Breakfast: Pumpkin loaf