A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: A 60th wedding anniversary

Following a gluten, wheat, dairy or egg free diet can be hard, let alone when you have to go to a family party with a big buffet and BBQ! Luckily for me, my mum is as food obsessed as I am so I knew when we planned a 60th wedding anniversary party for my grandparents, there would be plenty for me to get stuck in to.

The setting: my parents have a beautiful back garden which the decorated with bunting, naturally!

Bunting in the garden

Bunting in the garden

The theme: 1950s Hawaiian party – EASY!

The party look

Any excuse for pineapples

The food: Gluten free sausages and rolls – the dream!

Gluten free bbq

BBQ dreams

Home made, individual lemon meringue pies. Check out the recipe here.

lemon meringue pie

Home made lemon meringue pies

Peanut butter cookies (don’t tell anyone that I ate one for breakfast though…). You can use this recipe to make these and add half a cup of peanuts if you fancy it.

peanut butter cookies

Peanut butter cookies

The cake: My aunt is a master cake baker and made a replica of my grandparent’s wedding cake. Unfortunately was not gluten free but I did steal some icing…

wedding cake

60th wedding anniversary cake

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