THE VEGAN DIARIES: Let’s talk about periods

Ok so people don’t like to talk about periods but periods are a thing that half of the planet need to deal with every four weeks. Before I went vegan I never really thought about what tampons are made of, how they’re made, if the chemicals that are used are tested on animals or if it’s ok to be putting chemicals in my vagina – WAIT that really doesn’t sound like something I want to do.

Why are some tampons not ok?

It is hard to believe but there’s still quite a lot of animal testing on our high streets, I always thought that it was illegal now but it’s sadly not. Whilst REACH is trying to reduce animal testing in the EU by getting companies to share information and save any “unnecessary” animal testing, lots of us would agree that all animal testing is unnecessary. Who falls in the tested on animals camp? Tampax and Always are owned by Procter & Gamble who admit to testing on animals, most companies dodge the question by answering that “this product hasn’t been tested on animals” which may well mean that the product hasn’t but the ingredients have.

It’s all a bit confusing right? PETA has a good guide on going cruelty free to help.

That all sounds terrible but are eco-friendly tampons any good? Surely we need all of the chemicals to make them good at their job? I am pleased to announce that, like I was, you’re wrong to think this.

What makes Organyc better?


100% cotton

Organyc has replaced all synthetic materials with pure organic cotton because vaginas need to breathe. Right, I need a bit of honesty here; who suffers from thrush. Seriously, hands up.


I do, I get it more than I’d care to admit and I always get it after my period. I’ve always figured that this is because my body is having a bit of a tough time and its let its guard down. However, after a bit of research it looks like the chemicals and bleaching process might be upsetting my vagina and causing the thrush. The organic cotton is incredibly absorbent and supposed to be better for sensitive skin – as a human who seems to be allergic to life just now, I can confirm that the Organyc tampons caused no discomfort or reactions, score!


This is something that I’ve never thought about until I started looking into tampons and I have no idea that  some of them out there don’t biodegrade. What? How is this even allowed? All those females out there using tampons and they just sit there on the planet… These all break down over time – thank goodness.

Intimate Wash

As well as sanitary items, Organyc also make a soap that is less harmful that the heavily scented soaps and body washes out there on the high street. If I’m being honest, I have never thought much to these types of products but I wanted to give another one a fair try. I decided to start using the Organyc intimate wash as I felt that all too familiar twinge of thrush. Naturally, I was pretty skeptical about whether this would make any difference but I was pleasantly surprised to see the beginnings of thrush completely disappear. I’ve been using it daily ever since.


I’ve now been using Organyc products for two months and I have no complaints whatsoever. I urge you to head over to All Natural Me and grab yourself some Organyc products and help your period go from a boring, inconvenient to something that will benefit your body and the planet. Thanks Organyc!

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