THE FITNESS DIARIES: What the hell do I wear?

This question haunts me even now! What am I supposed to wear to work out? Are people judging me because I’m not wearing adidas? Take it from someone who’s gone from fear of the gym to a 5 day a week obsessive, no one cares what you’re wearing at the gym. If someone is looking at you they are doing one of four things:

  1. they’re looking at how you’re doing that exercise (the “oh that’s how you use that machine” moment)
  2. admiring your outfit
  3. thinking “I wish my hair looked that perfect while I was sweating”
  4. that person I don’t know, but see a lot is looking great! Is it weird if I tell them?

I am a main offender on all four points. Seriously, if you’re at my gym and I’m looking at you, I am admiring you for any of the above reasons. And I always decide that it is weird to tell people I don’t know that they’re looking great. I can not emphasise enough that you need to wear what you feel most comfortable in. Here are my tips.

Sports bras

Ok, this is the most important piece of my gym gear, a good, reliable sports bra is essential. I’ve tried a few but the Shock Absorber bras are by far my favourite. They are easy to get on and off, which may sound like a ridiculous thing to consider but when you’ve done an hour of Body Pump or an arm session and you’re struggling to get out of your bra and into the shower you’ll think of me and this easy zip. The Shock Absorber bras are comfortable too, no digging in, just good old fashioned support.


What? You don’t celebrate your new sports bra?


When I first started working out, I bought a job lot of Primark clothes, mostly because I didn’t know what I’d feel comfortable in and honestly, I had no idea how long I’d stick at it. A year on I’m still wearing a lot of Primark gym clothes because they are comfortable. I wear whatever the hell I want, going to the gym and working out really isn’t about wearing the latest gear from Nike (my trainers are a couple of seasons old and a hell of a lot cheaper than this seasons’ styles), it’s about finding what is right for you. I’ve flirted with a lot of clothing brands, I treated myself to a PUMA vest (even if they insist that the UK16 was an XL) and I’ve recently found that the Training Zone at M&Co is my new favourite brand. These leggings below are so comfortable, they are also high waisted AND fit me properly round my waist. I’m one of these pear shaped figures so I struggle with leggings, usually I stick to leggings with a tie around the waist so they stay up but the elastic in these is enough and it’s a total relief, I can jump squat without having to hold onto the waistband, just in case.


My Training Zone vest and leggings from M&Co

It’s important that you find what works for you, if you’re going to go to the gym to get disgustingly sweaty (and trust me, I am minging, I drip from my elbow sometimes, it is gross) you need to make sure you feel good doing it.

Wear whatever you want but please remember it’s NEVER ok to take your top off in a class… seriously, I’ve seen it happen, it’s never that hot that you need to take your top off and work out in your bra. EVER.

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