SWEET TREATS: It’s only flipping pancake day

Ok so it’s not pancake day yet but you need to get ready right? Here’s my fool proof pancake recipe for those thick, fluffy pancakes.

What you need:
1 egg
1 cup of hazelnut milk
1 cup of Doves self raising flour
A few spritz’s of spray oil

Whisk the egg until it’s all pale and creamy, then all the milk and flour, whisk some more. Once it’s all combined you’ll start to see little bubbles in the batter.

Spray your frying pan with oil, the spray oil is the best, it’s low calorie and easy to use. Let the pan get hot and ladle in your first lot of batter and give it a few minutes, once the pancake lifts from the pan you’ll be able to flip it over. Once you’ve left that for a couple of minutes, pop it on the side on some kitchen paper. Repeat this until all of your batter is used, typically it makes 6-8 pancakes.


I like these pancakes as a treat for a Sunday breakfast but they will be great if this is your first gluten free Shrove Tuesday. I’m having a bit of a pancake party tomorrow and attempting my first ever vegan pancake for my egg free friend, wish me luck! Recipes will follow for sure. Until then 😘

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