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INTERVIEWS: Little Nibble talks to Vegan Bunny

I follow so many lovely small businesses on insta and while I can’t buy from them all, all the time, I can share some love in my little corner of the internet. I’ve followed Vegan Bunny on Instagram for a while now and I was lucky enough to win a giveaway for me and a friend – seriously guys, this company is golden. So here’s my interview with the heart of Vegan Bunny.

Tell me a little bit about Vegan Bunny?

Vegan Bunny started by crazy chance four years ago, and it has grown to be an extension of my beliefs. But these four years not only have the brand grown to a level I never expected, but I have grown too.
The brand started with a vegan ethos core. Year after year our supporters were growing into a sustainable lifestyle, a zero waste culture, and so has the brand. In a way, Vegan bunny is a reflection of what our supporters expect from companies these days. They ask, we listen. And as the brand ethos expands to new horizons, so do I.

What did you do before you started Vegan Bunny?

I was a full time mum and Marketing Freelancer for small companies at night. Even though my dream was working for a huge advertising agency. But later on, I realised that this would mean work for companies that don’t share my ethical values. That’s when I decided to create my own 😊

How do you decide on your fragrance combinations?

Recreating cheeky scents such as chai latte, lemon drizzle and hot cross buns it’s a passion of mine. I have not yet found another candle company using natural ingredients and having fun with them. Essential oils are as versatile as synthetic fragrances and that’s something Vegan Bunny is proving to the candle world.

But there are other scents that are more personal to me. Some of the scents from the self care collection represent feelings I’ve had over the years. ‘Me time’ was born after years of struggling to claim my self care time. I remember one day going to the studio and desperately blending oils until I found a combination that made things better. Now, when i feel lost, ‘Me time’ is my go for candle.

I know you’re not supposed to have a fave… but what is your absolute favourite candle that you make?

Oh my! I gotta go with ‘Cosy time’ but it truly is hard to choose.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking of starting their own small business?

  • B​elieve in your instincts
  • Listen to your heart. If something makes you happy, turning into a job means you will spend more time doing it, which means you will be happier 😊 and there is no better fuel than doing what you love.
  • Use adversities to outgrow yourself. Things will barely go as planned. You will be scared about that, but at some point it will be exciting. Just like a soap opera.

Is there anyone you want to give a shout out to?

My sister is amazing. Together, we make each one of the candles we sell. I love this. She is hard working and compromised. We are in this together that’s for sure.

Thank you so much for featuring us in your blog. It means so much to us. You are an inspiration that’s for sure.

To everyone reading this, invest time for yourself, you are worth of time. You are Amazing!

That’s everything I can think of but if you want to add to the post at all, please just add some more information. Happy to include anything you’d like 😊

If you enjoyed that and like a candle then please check out Vegan Bunny and follow them on Instagram.

And for those of you looking for a recommendation, my favourite candle has to be the ginger with lemongrass.

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