SWEET TREATS: Brownie squares

I MISS CHOCOLATE! Like a big old bar of chocolate, breaking it off, dipping it in a fresh cup of tea so it goes all gooey... mmm. Wait, no. It's only natural that from time to time I feel like slipping from my new vegan ways and burying my face in some chocolate. I was … Continue reading SWEET TREATS: Brownie squares

REVIEW: Salted caramel brownie

I adore a brownie and more places are starting to put on a gluten free desert menu so imagine my surprise when I discovered that Redmonds in Dennistoun not only sell my favourite cider, Addlestons, but they also serve and gluten free salted caramel brownie!! As if that isn't joyous enough, it comes with a … Continue reading REVIEW: Salted caramel brownie