SWEET TREATS: Brownie squares

I MISS CHOCOLATE! Like a big old bar of chocolate, breaking it off, dipping it in a fresh cup of tea so it goes all gooey… mmm. Wait, no. It’s only natural that from time to time I feel like slipping from my new vegan ways and burying my face in some chocolate. I was browsing Pinterest, obviously, and stumbled across a lot of recipes for raw brownies and I’ve made the Deliciously Ella ones before but I thought I could strip the recipe right down.

What you need:
1/2 cup of oats
2 tablespoons cacao
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
7 dates
Water as needed

Throw the oats into your blender and whiz until they are all broken up, then ad the cacao and vanilla, blend again. Chop your dates up finely, that way they blend easier, chuck them into the blender and blend again. Now add two tablespoons of water, blend again and repeat until it looks like the mix will come together.

Cover a tray in baking paper, spread the mix onto the baking paper and pat it into an even slab. It’s totally up to you how thick you want to make it, I made mine about 1/2 cm thick. Now you can freeze the brownies overnight, then chop them into squares are keep in the fridge for chocolate cravings!


Serving suggestion: chop into really small squares and sprinkle onto yoghurt and fruit.


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