MEAL: Fruity cauliflower rice

I've been reading about cauliflower rice for yonks but I've never gotten round to trying it. Simple doesn't even cover it guys, this is crazy easy, really tasty and so filling! First things first, you do not need a blender! If you have been put off making cauliflower rice because all of the recipes online … Continue reading MEAL: Fruity cauliflower rice

vegan ice cream

SWEET TREATS: Vegan ice cream dreams

Yes, you read that title correctly, vegan ice cream. This is inspired by my foodie hero Gwyneth Paltrow, her vegan ice cream, this ice cream is the best guilt free desert ever, this ice cream is naturally dairy free, vegan and ridiculously simple to make. What you need: 2 bananas 1 cup of frozen berries 1 tablespoon … Continue reading SWEET TREATS: Vegan ice cream dreams