LISTS – 4 ways to use less plastic

Single use plastic is got a bad rep these days and quite bloody right. For years we were encouraged to drink more bottled water, grab your food to go with a last fork and to drink your gin through a straw with a plastic stirrer too (are you fucking kidding? Just give me the gin thanks). As if the use of plastics isn’t bad enough, when you look at how long it takes for them to to decompose, the numbers are terrifying, especially for marine life. But the tide is changing (pun intended), more and more people are becoming aware of how damaging plastic is.

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With that in mind here are a few tips that I’ve been working on this year to reduce my everyday plastics.

1. Invest in reusable straws

This sounds extravagant but I like using a straw, there’s some thing really lovely drinking your fresh smoothie through a straw. There are a few bars in Glasgow who have started to ditch the plastic straws because they are totally unnecessary! There are a few ways to ditch the plastic, option 1 is to just go without, simple right? Option 2, switch to  metal straws which is what I have gone for, just remember to wash them as soon as you’re finished! Option 3 is the bamboo straw which in hindsight probably would have been the better option to invest in as they are biodegradable. But whichever you choose, plastic straws are on their way out. Bye Felicia.

2. Buy a reusable bottle

Bottled water is completely bloody ridiculous. Firstly, I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with tap water (I know, I live in Scotland and we have good water round here), secondly, it’s just so wasteful. Even if you bought just one large bottle of water, say a 2l bottle every day for a year, that’s 365 plastic bottles for one single year of one human’s life. Utterly ridiculous. Get a grip and buy a decent reusable bottle. The bottles from Akasha are BPA free, keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours AND you can use them for hot drinks. If you want one of these and I highly recommended that you get one, use code: LITTLENIBBLE for 15% off. Could I sell this idea anymore to ya?

Get yours here. Use code: LITTLENIBBLE for 15% off

3. Say no to takeaway cups

This is the toughest one for me because I genuinely forget to carry a cup round with me and I’d gotten really good at the fake Starbucks name game (don’t you all do that?). In my defence I don’t actually get a takeaway coffee that often so it tends to be a last minute thing. A last minute thing that I will stop doing unless I have my lovely new mug (thank you Sarah).

4. Tote bags are the future!

For real. I have roughly 100 tote bags and I always have them in shoved in bags and pockets so that I’m not caught out. What do I do when I don’t have a tote? I struggle back from the shop so that I don’t have to get a plastic bag. Why? Because those cheap plastic bags often end up in the sea where turtles can’t tell the difference between a bag and a jellyfish! This breaks my heart.

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These are only a few steps towards reducing plastic rather than going completely zero waste. What tips do you have for reducing your waste?

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