vegan ice cream

SWEET TREATS: Vegan ice cream dreams

Yes, you read that title correctly, vegan ice cream. This is inspired by my foodie hero Gwyneth Paltrow, her vegan ice cream, this ice cream is the best guilt free desert ever, this ice cream is naturally dairy freevegan and ridiculously simple to make.

What you need:
2 bananas
1 cup of frozen berries
1 tablespoon of agave syrup

Now you can’t just whip this up, you need a few hours to prep your bananas first. So slice the bananas and set out on a plate that will fit into your freezer, I’ve done this a couple of times, once on a sheet of baking paper and the second time I simply stuck the bananas on a plate, the second lot stuck to the plates and were harder to get off once frozen but not impossible so don’t worry if you have no baking paper. Leave your bananas to freeze for one to two hours (you can do this overnight if it’s easier).

Once your bananas are frozen you’re ready to make the easiest ice cream in the world, pop all the frozen bananas into your blender, follow with the berries and agave, blitz until smooth. Voila, your vegan ice cream is ready to serve. This makes one huge bowl of ice cream for one or two smaller bowls if you’re feeling generous.

vegan ice cream

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